Challenge Golf Games

  • Golf With Your Friends

    Golf With Your Friends

    A strong effort from new developers Blacklight Interactive, Golf With Your Friends takes a strong drive at multiplayer crazy golf that has huge potential to be a hole in one. Crazy golf has always been the realm of flash games that deprived businesses of their employees work ethic for hours upon hours back in naughties. There were office versions, space versions, 2D platforming versions – but somehow they never really took off as full-blown games.

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  • 18 Goal Golf

    18 Goal Golf

    You would think that golf and football are like chalk and cheese, wouldn’t you? You’ve got the loud and rowdy chanting of the average football crowd contrasting with the quiet, respectful, and patient spectatorship, as well as obvious differences in the rules, format, and just about everything else. Mousebreaker have done their usual magic with the sport here however and have managed to create a game called 18 Goal Golf. This skill-based puzzle game has many hallmarks of football, only with the scoring framework of golf.

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  • Verti Golf 2

    Verti Golf 2

    If it’s golf without the expense and hassle you’re after, Verti Golf 2 might very well be the hole in one that you’re looking for. This is a game that takes the concept of mini golf and makes it accessible through your browsers. Though there is significantly more content in the paid version, the free-to-play Verti Golf 2 offers more than just a small taste of the golfing experience, and is enough to pass the hours of a lunch time or two playing the most entertaining part of one of the most skilful sports in the world.

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  • Turbo Golf

    Turbo Golf

    There are a number of fairly disappointing golf games lurking out there on the internet waiting to waste your time, but it is safe to say that Turbo Golf isn’t one of them. Not your average flash golf game, Turbo Golf is an amusingly-illustrated, third-person experience with upgrades, customisations, and generally addictive gameplay that goes above and beyond what you would expect from a simple flash-based game such as this.

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